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Student Discipline Norms


  1. Students given accommodation in a Hostel must fill in the student accommodation record and take possession of their room and furnishings under their own signature. They must also submit a copy of their recent passport size photograph to the Warden's office for this purpose. This record must be updated for any subsequent changes.
  2. All residents of the hostel will have to sign on daily basis in the attendance register available in the hostel office. Residents will also provide written information of their leaving the hostel for the night or out of station.
  3. General information for students shall normally be provided through notice boards of hostel/mess. All residents are advised to keep themselves updated about new notices. Ignorance of notice board will not serve as an excuse to get any sort of exemption or benefit.
  4. Students shall be required to make their rooms available whenever required for repairs, maintenance, disinfection & inspection.
  5. Male residents should be back in their respective Hostels latest by the 11 p.m. or by half an hour after time for central library closing time, whichever is later.
  6. Any resident of Hostel going out of premises between 10pm and 6am must sign a register, indicating his/her destination and time of out/return. It may be noted that the permission to stay away from the Hostel during 10:00 p.m. - 6:00 a.m. can only be granted when the resident is required to work in library, laboratory, computer room etc. For longer off-campus stay, a resident must indicate his/her destination and expected duration of absence in writing to the concerned Warden.
  7. Carry your valid Identity Card at all times in the compound of the Hostel complex and produce it on demand by the Hostel authorities and the security guard on duty.
  8. Report to the security and Hostel Staff regarding any suspected person, group of persons and dubious activities.
  9. A student can claim mess rebate during official University holidays/Vacations only. Any student who remains absent for three or more than three days and submits his/her application for mess reduction in the Warden office, 3 days in advance, will be eligible for mess rebate.
  10. The mess timings are as follows and the students should strictly adhere to these timings:
    1. Breakfast : 08:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.
    2. Lunch : 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.
    3. Snacks : 05:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
    4. Dinner : 08:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
    However, Mess timings may be changed by the hostel authorities. Any change in timings will be informed through hostel/mess notice boards.
  11. Only men can stay as guests in men’s Hostel and only women can stay as guests in women’s Hostel. Any kind of guest stay shall be in accordance to the University norms. Presently genuine guest (mother, father, brother, sister etc.) of a student can be allowed (depending on the availability and Warden’s satisfaction) to stay for a limited period by paying Rs. 100 (Hundred Rupee Only) per person per day as the guest charge, which exclude any mess charge.
  12. Guests of the students are allowed in the mess only with prior permission of the Hostel Warden and on the payment of the applicable charges
  13. The residents shall make payment of all Hostel dues as per prescribed intervals and on demand.
  14. Every resident is responsible for safe-keeping of the Hostel property he uses. Residents found responsible for any damage or loss of the Hostel property will be fined worth its value, individually or collectively, as the case may be. And they will also be liable to disciplinary action. The decision of the Warden/Provost will be final in this regard.
  15. Residents shall switch-off the lights, including table light, fans and other electrical gadgets of his rooms while going out. The residents must not remove any property from the dining hall, common rooms, or the visitor’s rooms or any other room of the Hostels. The residents must not remove the electrical fixtures in their rooms in the Hostel premises or use any unauthorized electrical gadgets
  16. The residents should take care of their personal belongings and use their own locks in the rooms
  17. No resident is permitted to take away his belongings from the Hostel premises without a proper gate pass/written permission issued by the Warden
  18. Concerned resident will be responsible for any loss/damage of the internet port/cable.
  19. Students will register their complaints in the prescribed register and shall also provide accurate information about their availability.
  20. Following is the list of allowed items in the GBU Hostel premises.
    Sr. No. Item Sr. No. Item
    1. Pillow 9. Batteries
    2. Blanket 10. Bag (Laptop, School Bag)
    3. Bedhsheet 11. Raincoat, Umbrella
    4. Mosquito Net 12. Reading Lamp
    5. Set of Plastic Cutlery 13. Plastic Hangers
    6. Plastic Bucket, Mug, Glass 14. Exercise Books, Hard Cover Notebooks & Other Writing Materials etc..,
    7. Pad Lock and Key Ring 15. Hair Drier
    8. Torch Light 16. Other items allowed by competent authority
  21. Students must check that all items supplied by the University are available in his/her room in the proper condition. Any issues must be reported to the concerned Hostel staff.
  22. Residents shall respect the right of each individual to express his/her ideas. However, party based political campaigning is strictly prohibited.


  1. Possession of a powered vehicle by students of all academic programmes is a serious violation of the University policy. University will strictly follow zero tolerance policy for powered vehicle. The violation of this policy may occur in the confiscation or custody of the vehicle which will be in addition to the disciplinary action and financial penalty.
  2. For a visitor to stay in a Hostel room in the absence of the resident is strictly prohibited.
  3. Demand for additional furniture or any other item will not be entertained.
  4. Cooking of the food (by students) in hostel premises is strictly prohibited.
  5. The residents must not indulge in any act of intimidation or violence and drunken or riotous behavior. Use of narcotics, consumption of alcoholic beverages and gambling in the Hostel are prohibited.
  6. The Students/Residents shall not hold any meeting within the Hostel premises unless prior written permission of concerned Warden is obtained.
  7. Students on no account whatsoever will be permitted to take mess utensils such as plate, spoon, glass, etc, to their rooms.
  8. Students are not permitted to cook any food on their own accord in the mess.
  9. Do not share your room keys with any person.
  10. Do not leave your room open/unattended even for a very short duration.
  11. Do not entertain unfamiliar people in the Hostel. In case of a guest, proper entry in the register must be ensured. In the urgent case of night stay, prior written permission of the Associate-Warden/Warden is a must.
  12. Residents are advised not to have any dealings with strangers or entertain any kind of trading/selling/vending on the campus.
  13. Do not sleep in others room and don’t allow others to sleep in your room.
  14. Following is the list of prohibited items in the GBU Hostel premises.
    Sr. No. Item Sr. No. Item
    1. Cooking utensils such as (but not limited to) pots, sauce pans, blenders, grillers, hot plates and toasters. 10. Any form of hard Drugs
    2. Landline Phones 11. Cigarettes
    3. Raw food Items 12. Electric kettle, Hot plate, Heater
    4. Refrigerator 13. Microwave Oven
    5. TV Sets, TV Cards, and TV Antenna 14. Rice Cooker
    6. Video ,Machine, Video Tapes, DVD & VCD players 15. Washing Machine
    7. Alcoholic Beverage 16. Home Theatre System
    8. Exercise Machine 17. Ammunition or weapon of assault or any other illegal possession by whatsoever name
    9. Audio Amplifiers (Speakers) 18. Other items prohibited by the competent authority
  15. Smoking is not allowed in any part of the Hostel.
  16. Improper behavior with fellow students, Staff, Wardens, harassment of Juniors/Seniors, causing of disturbance to others etc will be treated as acts of indiscipline.
  17. Indiscriminate fixing of pictures, posters, wall papers or writing of graffiti on the Hostel's wall is considered an act of indiscipline and individual(s) responsible for such act will be held responsible for the damage caused.