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Student Utilities


University homes a dispensary that provides important healthcare offerings to the university community. This clinical facility plays a vital role in ensuring the well-being of students. Staffed through medical professionals, the dispensary offers a number of facilities, such as medical consultations, first aid and physiotherapy.

Shopping Complex

Situated inside the university premises, the shopping complex caters to the general needs of University. It functions an array of stores, ranging from every day requirements like groceries and stationery to modern apparel shops and eateries. This creates a self-contained environment that contributes to the university's vibrant network.

Post Office

The Noida Post office, operated through the Indian Post, serves as a vital hyperlink for the college community. It provides postal and economic services, which includes mail delivery, money orders, and retail services. The Post Office workplace contributes to the college's connectivity with the larger community and enables efficient communique for students, faculty, and workforce.


University provides state-of-the-art gym facilities tailored to both girls and boys separately having 2 girls gym and 1 boys gym which emphasizes holistic well-being and recognizes the importance of fitness. The gymnasium facilities are equipped with modern-day exercising system and supervised by skilled instructors to ensure the protection and effective steering of the students. These facilities play a pivotal role in enhancing the overall physical and mental health of the students.

Bank and ATM (PNB)

The University campus is equipped with essential facilities to cater to the needs of its students and staff. Among these facilities, there is a branch of Punjab National Bank (PNB) which provides banking services to the university community. The PNB branch offers various banking offerings along with financial savings and modern-day bills, loans, and financial transactions.

Indoor Stadium

The University's campus provides a peaceful and conducive environment for learning and personal growth. The sprawling Indore Stadium within the campus serves as a hub for sports and recreational activities. This state-of-the-art facility caters to both students and sports enthusiasts, hosting events, tournaments, and fitness programs.