Munshi Premchand Boys Hostel
( मुंशी प्रेमचंद छात्रावास )

Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida

About Munshi Premchand

Munshi Premchand, born as Dhanpat Rai Shrivastava on July 31, 1880, in Lamhi, a village near Varanasi, was a literary giant and one of the most influential figures in Hindi literature. Widely regarded as one of the foremost writers in Indian literature, Premchand's works explored the complexities of human relationships, social issues, and the struggles of the common man in a rapidly changing society.

Premchand's early life was marked by financial challenges, and he experienced the death of his parents at an early age. Despite these hardships, he was determined to pursue education, and he completed his Bachelor's degree at a time when educational opportunities, especially for Hindi-speaking individuals, were limited. He worked as a schoolteacher for a brief period, but his passion for literature led him to a career as a writer.

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