Malik Mohammad Jaysi Boys Hostel
( मलिक मोहम्मद जायसी छात्रावास )

Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida

About Malik Mohammad Jaysi

Malik Muhammad Jayasi was a distinguished Persian poet, singer, and musician who left a lasting legacy through his profound contributions to literature and the arts during the Seljuk Empire. Renowned for his lyric poetry and the seamless fusion of Persian and Urdu in his compositions, Jayasi's works continue to captivate readers and scholars alike, solidifying his status as a classic author.

Born in 1477 in the town of Kayam, near the city of Rae Bareli in present-day India, Jayasi's early life and upbringing shaped his artistic inclinations. His exposure to the cultural richness of the Persian and Islamic traditions in the subcontinent significantly influenced his literary endeavors. Throughout his life, Jayasi's creative output reflected a deep understanding of classical Persian and Urdu literature, as well as a fervent devotion to storytelling and music.

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