Ismat Chughtai Girls Hostel
( इस्मत चुग़ताई छात्रावास )

Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida

About Ismat Chughtai

Ismat Chughtai, a prominent Urdu writer, is celebrated for her bold and groundbreaking contributions to literature, particularly in the realm of feminist and social issues. Born on August 21, 1915, in Badayun, Uttar Pradesh, British India, Ismat Chughtai emerged as a literary icon and a fearless advocate for the rights of women.

Chughtai belonged to a progressive and intellectual family that encouraged her education and creativity. Despite societal norms that often restricted women's access to education, Chughtai pursued her studies and eventually became one of the leading voices in Urdu literature. Her writing reflected a keen awareness of the social issues prevalent in her time, and she fearlessly addressed topics that were considered taboo.

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